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Table 1-14: U.S. Automobile and Truck Fleets by Use (Thousands)

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TOTAL automobiles and trucks in fleetsUUUUU15,25715,57015,86916,87915,53015,19613,64211,98512,12811,88412,27412,53812,13211,21110,86511,55011,77711,74411,87612,42412,276
Automobiles in fleets, totalUUUUU9,0429,1249,2259,5507,7427,3466,6405,6005,6475,5145,6215,6625,4414,8824,8045,2915,4845,4135,3845,6035,772
Automobiles in fleets of 15 or more (10 or more cars for 1999-2001 and 15 or more cars for 2002-15)a                          
Utilities551544548386382376376377359320317U fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU f
Taxi (includes vans)141141140140141139130181190135136142148148156162169172175159155148155159155135
Rental (includes vans and SUVs)9901,1601,4481,5011,4731,5181,5901,6081,6021,7331,5811,5421,5551,5201,5701,6201,5951,4401,2891,1751,5531,7451,8501,9202,0402,156
Automobiles in fleets of 4 to 14 (4 to 9 cars for 1999-2001 and 5 to 14 cars for 2002-15)aUUUUU4,2004,2504,3734,9211,1721,1731,2901,2901,3131,3131,3501,3201,2558969601,0251,1089759419831,015
Trucks in fleets, totalUUUUU6,2156,4466,6447,3297,7887,8507,0026,3856,4816,3706,6536,8766,6916,3296,0616,2596,2936,3316,4926,8226,504
Trucks in fleets of 15 or more (10 or more trucks for 1999-2001 and 15 or more trucks for 2002-15)a                          
UtilitiesUU593493487480482483459499498U fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU fU f
Other (police, taxi, etc.)UU777777888999263749465955586267757777
Rental trucks (not including vans and SUVs)UU304308363202197179181213248246251289492521540490381380391417465480535582
Trucks in fleets of 4 to 14 (4 to 9 trucks for 1999-2001 and 5 to 14 trucks from 2002-15)aUUUUU2,1002,2702,4203,3111,6521,6621,8751,8751,9001,9002,1102,2032,1451,9641,8751,9902,0652,0532,1692,2501,694

KEY: SUV = sport utility vehicle; U = data are not available.

a The data source, Bobit Publishing, changed data collection categories in 1999 and again in 2002.

b Includes driver schools.

c Includes military vehicles and federal, state, county, and local government vehicles.

d Businesses with Class 1-5 trucks may include leasing, construction, plumbing, heating, food distribution, pest control, cable TV, etc.

e 2001-2015 data do not include employee-owned fleet information as the source has stopped publishing the data.

f Business and utility data have been combined in the 2002 to 2013 issues of the Automotive Fleet Fact Book.


Bobit Publishing Co., Automotive Fleet Fact Book, annual issues, available at as of Jan. 1, 2016.

Updated: Tuesday, May 23, 2017