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U.S. Airlines operate 56% more flights in July than June

Along with low cancellations, a low number of scheduled flights, but not as low as previous months.

In good news for air travelers, U.S. airlines expanded their flight schedules and largely stuck to them in July. The 367,933 flights in July represent a 56% increase over June’s operations. The number of scheduled flights in July also increased by 56% from June.

The 2,926 canceled flights in July marked a steep drop—80%--from the 14,808 flights canceled in July of last year.

(A flight removed from the schedule at least 7 days in advance is not considered a cancellation.)

While the number of flights scheduled and the number of operated flights in July are both still down 48% from last year due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, this is the second consecutive month of increases.

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Updated: Friday, October 23, 2020