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Freight Analysis Framework

About the Freight Analysis Framework

The Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) creates a comprehensive picture of freight movement among states and major metropolitan areas by all modes of transportation. The FAF integrates data from a variety of sources. Starting with data from the Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) and international trade data from the Census Bureau, FAF incorporates data from agriculture, extraction, utility, construction, service, and other sectors. The FAF is produced through a partnership between BTS and FHWA.

FAF Version 5

The creation of the fifth generation of FAF (FAF5) is underway, and the regional database for the benchmark year of 2017 is now available. Future releases of FAF5 will include annual estimates, historical time series, forecasts, tabulation and visualization tools, and network files based on the 2017 Commodity Flow Survey.

The FAF5 Regional Database of tonnage, value, and ton-miles by FAF regions of origin and destination, commodity type, and mode, benchmarked to the 2017 Commodity Flow Survey is available. Weights are in thousands of tons, activity is in millions of ton-miles, and values are in millions of 2017 constant dollars. Files are available in .csv and MS Access formats.

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Previous Versions

View FAF4 data and documentation.

Information on FAF1, FAF2, and FAF3 is available upon request from

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